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Unveiling the Age-Old Healing Power of Oxygen: A Journey Through Time

The healing potential of oxygen is no recent revelation; its use in hyperbaric oxygen therapy traces back nearly 350 years. Just two decades ago, many doctors might have dismissed the remarkable recovery rates achieved through HBOT therapy. However, the landscape has evolved drastically, with over 30,000 HBOT sessions administered daily across the nation.

In line with this progress, we have proudly partnered with HBOT USA to deliver the finest in oxygen therapy to our North Carolina HBOT patients. Today, a plethora of over 120 reported conditions have been shown to benefit significantly from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, unveiling the true extent of its effectiveness and potential. Embrace this time-tested healing approach, as we strive to provide you with the best in HBOT.

Learn More About HBOT Oxygen Therapy


The inspiring success stories of patients and athletes have sparked a growing trend of individuals seeking the benefits of oxygen therapy through the purchase of HBOT hyperbaric oxygen units for in-home use. These convenient units provide quick and easy access to HBOT sessions, appealing to busy individuals and those who prefer the comfort of their own home.

The scope of HBOT therapy has expanded significantly, now encompassing a wide range of conditions such as cerebral palsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, anemia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, sports injuries, low energy, head injuries, post-stroke care, brain injuries, ALS, wound and scar aiding, post-surgical care and healing, improved performance, dementia, Bell’s palsy, and autism, among others.

At HBOT North Carolina, we offer sessions both in our clinics and in-home HBOT chambers. Reach out to one of our North Carolina HBOT clinics to connect with our experts and explore the multitude of benefits that HBOT therapy can offer. We are delighted to address your inquiries and determine if oxygen therapy can be a valuable solution for you or your loved ones. Take the first step towards enhanced well-being today.

A Natural Alternative To Healing


Unlike prescription medications that may bring potential side effects ranging from heart conditions to loss of muscle coordination, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has undergone clinical validation to present minimal, if any, risk to patients of all ages and physical states. In fact, hyperbaric stands as a secure alternative to many medical improvement options available today, garnering significant attention for its positive healing benefits.

The most common side effect experienced during an HBOT session is a slight tightness in the ears and sinus canal. Some patients may encounter mild ear pressure discomfort, akin to the sensations felt during ascending or descending in an airplane due to atmospheric changes within the chamber. These sensations are comparable to flying on a commercial aircraft.

At our North Carolina HBOT clinics, we prioritize providing a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy needs. We offer both hard and soft-sided chambers in our offices, tailoring sessions to suit the specific requirements and expected outcomes of each patient.

Discover the convenience of in-home HBOT therapy chambers, granting you all the benefits of oxygen therapy right in the comfort of your own home. Our HBOT units ensure a hassle-free experience, free from emotional distress often associated with traveling to medical environments. Experience the positive healing effects of HBOT with ease and convenience, as we cater to your well-being and comfort.

Who Can Use HBOT?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a completely safe improving option, benefiting countless patients, including children. Our North Carolina clinics proudly extend the same beneficial therapy to our younger patients. Research has shown promising results and wonderful outcomes for children with brain injuries, learning and developmental delays, autism, and genetic disorders when utilizing oxygen therapy.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities of HBOT therapy for your children. Whether in our North Carolina in-office chambers or the convenience of in-home chambers, both options offer many of the same benefits. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss which option better suits the needs of you and your family.

Witness the transformative power of HBOT therapy, as we guide your children on a path towards improved health and well-being. Call us today to learn more and embark on this journey of healing and hope.

What about coverage…


In the United States, there are certain indications which insurance covers hyperbaric therapy  This includes gangrene, radiation burns, carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness. Traditionally insurance does not cover these HBOT sessions for the conditions we are using it for. If you are not sure if your condition is covered feel free to call us and ask!

What about age restrictions and older patients…


Absolutely! Hyperbarics offers great benefits for elderly patients and those approaching their later years. HBOT has been proven to provide numerous anti-aging effects, effectively countering the signs of aging. New research continues to shed light on its immense potential, indicating that hyperbaric oxygenation can slow Apoptosis (cell death) and offer relief for diabetic neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and overall energy and healing.

Each day, we uncover more about the remarkable advantages of HBOT therapy. If you or a loved one are intrigued but uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our experts. We understand you may have questions, and we are more than happy to address each one, guiding you towards informed decisions for your well-being. Embrace the rejuvenating power of HBOT and experience the potential for improved vitality and wellness as you age gracefully.

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